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Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, OFFICIAL PARTNER OF HYDROPTERE



HSH PRINCE ALBERT II of MONACo and alain thébault













L'Institut Océanographique paul Ricard, OFFICIAL PARTNER OF HYDROPTERE


PAtricia ricard


Paul Ricard (founder of l’Institut océanographique Paul Ricard) with Eric Tabarly


The Scientific team of l'institut océanographique paul ricard





Parrot, official partner of Hydroptere





Parrot, designer of the Minidrone Hydrofoil toy




















CLIP INDUSTRIE, official partner of HYDROPTERE




CLIP INDUSTRIE helps its clients from conception - COPYRIGHT ISTOCK





to production phasis - COPYRIGHT ISTOCK






ALAIN THÉBAULT and his crews members heading toward new records - COPYRIGHT FRANCIS DEMANGE


























Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco



In June 2006, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco decided to set up his Foundation in order to address the alarming threats hanging over our planet’s environment. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation works for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development. The Foundation supports initiatives conducted by public and private organisations within the fields of research, technological innovation and activities to raise awareness of the social issues at stake. It funds projects in three main geographical regions: the Mediterranean Basin, the Polar Regions and the Least Developed Countries. The Foundation’s efforts focus on three main sectors: Climate change and renewable energies, biodiversity, and integrated and sustainable water management together with the fight against desertification.


To find out more: www.fpa2.com / www.facebook.com/FondationPrinceAlbertIIdeMonaco










G.H. Mumm



Mumm is part of Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët, the prestigious cognac and champagne business of Pernod Ricard, world’s co-leader in Spirits & Wines. With its distinguished heritage dating back to 1827, Mumm is the leading international champagne House in France and fourth worldwide*. Mumm Cordon Rouge, recognisable by its red ribbon—a symbol of excellence—is the perfect embodiment of the spirit of the House: it stands out through the freshness and intensity of its style, which successive generations of cellar masters have successfully maintained and handed down. * IWSR 2013


“The long- standing friendship between Alain and the House was founded on shared values of passion, commitment, a pioneering spirit and the pursuit of victory. This continues to be of utmost importance to us so it was natural for this relationship to extend into a partnership. We are proud to support Alain as he goes on this daring quest to break yet another impressive world record.”

Phillippe Guettat, Chairman and CEO for Mumm House of Champagne



L'Institut Océanographique Paul Ricard



The Institut océanographique Paul Ricard is a non-profit organisation (French association), founded in 1966 by Paul Ricard and Alain Bombard, with the aim of extending knowledge of the sea and protecting it. Under the presidency of Patricia Ricard (granddaughter of Paul Ricard), the Institute runs a Research Centre with a permanent team of scientists on the islands of Les Embiez (near Toulon, France). Its work, which has been recognised by the award of the Grand Prix of the French academy of sciences, is in phase with a sustainable development approach, focusing on the sea as an ecological and economic asset, a common estate to be preserved, managed and restored. Providing information and enhancing awareness among the general public on the major environmental issues is the other mission of the Institut océanographique Paul Ricard.


Patricia Ricard, President of the Institut océanographique Paul Ricard

Patricia Ricard has for more than 20 years been actively engaged in the protection of the environment.

Since 1991 she has been chairing the Mardis de l’Environnement (Tuesday Environment Meetings), a cycle of lectures in Paris.

She is a Member of the Board of Administration of several government or non-profit organisations : Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises (French Southern and Antarctic Lands), Parcs Nationaux de France (French National Parks Authority), WWF France

Since 2010 she has been appointed to the Conseil Economique Social et Environnemental (French Economic, Social and Environmental Council) as a person qualified in matters regarding the environment. She has been President of the Institut océanographique Paul Ricard since 2005.


For Patricia Ricard “The shared vision of one man and the passionate commitment of a team are the most powerful drivers of discovery.

In homage to the meeting between Eric Tabarly and Paul Ricard, two visionaries who were passionately committed to the sea, we are eagerly following Alain Thébaut's adventure with his hydrofoil trimaran, Hydroptère”















Parrot, designer of the Minidrone Hydrofoil toy, is a new sponsor of Hydroptere



The Hydrofoil drone is an app-controlled toy. It will be available this Summer. Yes, it’s built on the very same idea as Hydroptere, but much smaller! Parrot's Hydrofoil Drone rise out of the water at 6 mph (5.4 knots) on water. Thanks to the four propellers of the Minidrone, it slides on the water and stays about 2 inches above it with amazing stability and agility. Please watch this demo video shot in Monaco.












Finesse Solutions



California-based Finesse Solutions, Inc., has established a proven record in providing turn-key, scalable solutions for single-use upstream bio-processing.  The Finesse product platform includes novel disposable sensors, modular automation hardware, and intelligent software that can harmonize data and technology transfer globally. Finesse also offers a complete set of services including commissioning and validation for rapid and reliable deployment of single-use equipment.


“Finesse is proud to sponsor Hydroptere because it represents more than state-of-the-art marine technology.  Hydroptere exemplifies complete commitment to pushing the boundaries which aligns well with our culture at Finesse.  If you can dream it, you can do it” added Barbara Paldus, CEO of Finesse Solutions.












KLB Group

Implement smartly

Site Internet


KLB Group is the specialist of project implementation for businesses and public sector organizations. For any business development, business execution or business transformation project, KLB Group secures its implementation by quickly mobilizing a team of experts from various functions (engineering, purchasing, supply chain, quality, finance, IT, etc.), with a unique mix of expertise in design, construction, and operation. KLB Group has over 650 employees throughout Europe, America, Africa and Asia.



















Clip Industrie

ERP solutions for small industrial companies



Twenty five years ago, Clip Industrie developed its ERP CLIPPER  solution within a small industrial company. The company’s mission was and still is to rationalize production and assign the right resources at the right time, always aiming for added value at a low cost. The efficiency of CLIPPER soon became evident. Since that time, the steady increase in the number of customers has ensured the company’s long-term viability.

Today’s figures show more than 1400 client companies and approximately 16 000 daily users, mainly in France and in Europe.

Clip Industrie’s core business is Industry. Its expertise is expressed in the field of industrial production and is steadily improved through ongoing communication with client companies. All Clip Industrie’s employees come from Industry. They have gained their skills and competence over the years, with every new implementation. They offer advice, always aiming to maximize efficiency while avoiding unnecessary specific development.

CLIPPER solutions are business oriented; they require low investment and are simple to use; they collect technical and commercial data all along the manufacturing cycle, thus enabling a detailed analysis of profitability. CLIPPER solutions are open and flexible; they can be interfaced with all the well-known and recognized complementary solutions: Sage, Solidworks, Cetim, Radan, Demlog, Actcut, Amada,Trumpf …thanks to strong partnership agreements. Clip Industrie is also the first ERP editor to be BoostAero certified.Mainly dedicated to small industrial companies, Clip Industrie solutions are sometimes implemented in larger Groups: ONERA, MICHELIN, EADS, Air Force … directly or at the level of subsidiaries.


New support for Hydroptere: The partners family is expanding


"Our customers are mainly industrial contractors in all the sectors of the metalworking industry, and especially those in the following fields of activities: aerospace, nuclear, railway, watchmaking, medicine and watersports ... They are all passionate about innovation and high technology. We have been following the epic of Hydroptere for years and when we learned that to realize this new challenge, additional supports were required, we decided to join the project! At our level, we hope that this support will contribute to the dynamics and encourage the team for the record attempt, "explains Arnaud Martin, CEO of the company.

"This new support is excellent news and I thank CLIP INDUSTRIE for their boldness and vitality. The fact that a middle size company invests in the sector of adventure and passion for technology with a project so unconventional, I think it's a strong signal in difficult times. brings the strength of an international group and to see the program joined by a smaller structure is a mixture of styles that I enjoy tremendously. The epic of Hydroptere was born from a mixture of cultures, skills and generations. I am delighted that this logic is also adopted by our partners, "says Alain Thebault.


Press release: click here




Shasta Crystals



Shasta Crystals is a crystal growth company producing nonlinear optical crystals for visible lasers, YAG for infrared lasers and  custom materials upon request. The Company was founded on the basis of our proprietary and versatile crystal growth technology  that allows fast crystal growth, minimizes defect density and greatly improves the homogeneity of the crystal.

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