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absolute sailing speed record - COPYRIGHT GUILAIN GRENIER



cover of the japanese magazine "KAZI"



cover of the english magazine "SEAHORSE"

Hydroptere is looking for additional sponsors to continue the adventure. A detailed sponsoring file is available on demand at: communication@hydroptere.com


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Start co-piloting the dream


Hydroptere is an exceptional communication tool, symbol of dream, perfection, passion, innovation and technological excellence between sky and sea :


- To get involved in a unique boat, between sea and sky and whose technological and sport performances made history;
- Share strong values of high technology, tenacity and respect for the environment conveyed by an aesthetic vehicle;
- Real involvement allowing closeness to a skipper, a sailor’s and engineer’s team, to write a pioneer story;
- Build a global communication strategy, off the beaten track, and benefit from a legendary vehicle for image worldwide;
- Your team and your clients involvement around an extraordinary project and an endearing team of nonconformists.


Copyright: Arnaud Pilpré


Experience Hydroptere with your network

Experience and share the highlights of the sailing team with your network of people. Tailor PR operations and develop a brand story:


- Public Relations, sailing sessions with clients or medias, private sessions for VIPs, events during the strong beats of the season or tailor made activities;

- Participation of the Hydroptere’s team during seminaries, conferences or cocktails;

- Use of the news of the project for internal and external communication, brand story, corporate life, prize competition;

- Use of the boat as a collaborative platform, test laboratory, technological showcase;Integration and use of Hydroptere’s business network (nautical and aeronautical industries, high-technology, sports).


Copyright: Guilain Grenier

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